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Electric Bicycles

Does Handy Bikes work on E-Bikes? Yes we do!

We can tune up, tear down, rebuild, diagnose, and repair your electric bike or “e-bike”. They are great – we ride them too! Used responsibly, ebikes are helping new cyclists and experienced ones alike to commute further, ride longer, and generally have more fun.

However, they need MORE FREQUENT maintenance than the average bike, due to the demands placed on components by added weight and power output. Don’t put it off – let us help you keep your machine in top condition!

Electric bike (E-Bike) assembly – $125

  • Full assembly and tuning of your mail-order electric bike.
  • Includes complete tuneup – bikes may come mostly assembled, but that’s not the same as mostly correct!
  • Same service as boxed bike assembly – click here for complete description of what we do
Folding e-bike